Helidosa Aviation Group

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Saving lives since 2009, Aeroambulancia is the first and only air ambulance company in the Dominican Republic certified by:
IDAC- Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation
SMS & Air- ambulance Provider.
ISO 9001-2008- Provision of health care services, transportation of clients, care and monitoring of requirements.
ARGUS- Platinum Rated.
EURAMI- European Aeromedical Institute – Full Accreditation.
AAMS- Association of Air medical Services – Regular Member.
NBAA- National Business Aviation Association – Regular Member.
HAI- Helicopter Association International – Safety Award 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013.

AeroAmbulancia offers complete and advanced medical equipment and highly qualified staff available 24 hours a day, covering Dominican Republic territory by helicopter and the US and remaining american continent by jet, providing:
Transportation, taking responsibility for all air and ground transportation with Physicians and Registered Nurses on board aircraft configured for Critical Care.
Communication, providing an effective 24/7 call centre where family members, doctors, insurance companies and other necessary parties communicate to facilitate efficient solutions.
Coordination of all clients, providers and medical facilities to guarantee a smooth and comfortable bed-to-bed care and transportation step by step. Our solutions are adapted specifically to patient needs, emergency situations and the complexities of clinical conditions a patient may experience.

Helidosa Aviation Group
La Isabela International Airport
Santo Domingo
Dominican Republic 

Tel: Customer Service: +1809-826-4100, ext: 2000, 2002, 2003
Leida Terrero: Customer Service Manager
Cell: +1829-345-7223, Tel.: +1809-826-4100, Ext. 2006
Hamlet Tolentino: International Flight and Dispatch Director
Cell: +1829-345-7230, Tel.: +1809-826-4100, Ext 2001

Website: www.helidosa.com

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Aeroambulancia 18.575754, -69.981707 AeroambulanciaJoaquin Balaguer International Airport, Avenida Presidente Antonio Guzmán Fernández, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (Directions)

Airport IATA   JBQ



CEO Medical Operations Manager Director of Operations, Chief Pilot FW
Aeroambualncia CEO Castillo Aeroambulancia Med.Ops Padilla Aeroambulancia Hector Jansen
Gonzalo Alexander Castillo Manuel Padilla Hector Jansen

Accreditation History

Accreditation Certificate Valid Till Standard Achieved / Medical Endorsements
Primary Accreditation 15th of February 2016 Full Accreditation
Fixed Wing & Rotor Wing
 Certificate Extension 30th of June 2016  Full Accreditation
Fixed Wing & Rotor Wing
 Reaccreditation 7th of June 2019 Fixed Wing Long Range / Intercontinental
Rotor Wing HEMS
Medical Endorsement: Adult Critical Care
 Reaccreditation 25th of August 2022 Rotary Wing Accreditation
Adult Critical care medical endorsement
Pediatric critical care medical endorsement
Neonatal critical care medical endorsementIntercontinental/Long range fixed wing accreditation
Adult Critical care medical endorsement
Pediatric critical care medical endorsement

Rotor Wing

Bell Bell Bell
Aero Ambulancia HI-930 BELL 430 Aero Ambulancia HI-924
Long Ranger IV 206L-4  Long Ranger 403 212

Fixed Wing

Cessna Cessna Cessna Cessna
Aeroambulancia HI949 Aeroambulancia-HI955
Citation C510  Citation C550 Citation Bravo 550B Citation Excel XLS
Tailfin: HI949 Tailfin: HI925 Tailfin: HI-915 Tailfin: HI-955