Eligibility takes into consideration the following points

  • Operational experience/maturity

  • Personnel & Infrastructure

  • Aircraft

If operations experience isn’t met, the board may debate if alternate points suffice 2 of 3

  • Minimum two years air ambulance operations

  • Minimum of 250 completed medical flights

Alternate points

Programs who do not meet the above criteria may nonetheless apply if two of the following criteria are met:

  1. Proof of previous operational air ambulance capability or experience in air charter for aeromedical transport activity (for instance a merger or spin-off of prior activity).

  2. More than 150 completed medical flights

  3. Unequivocally positive references/letters of recommendation from two major clients such as:

  • Medical assistance companies,

  • Government bodies

  • Insurances

  • Other accredited EURAMI programs

Required Documents:

Personnel and Infrastructure

To be able to apply, the program must show proof of active participation of the following:

  • Medical Director, as defined by the EURAMI standard for criteria for the position of Medical Director (please enquire for details).

  • Chief Executive Officer

  • Operations Director

  • Chief Pilot

For the Medical Director:

  • Current curriculum vitae.

  • Current criminal record documents or other documents proving absence of criminal prosecution or nefarious activity.

  • Proof of registration and membership in ‘good standing’ from a national physicians regulatory authority.

 For the CEO:

  • Current curriculum vitae.

All documents must be originals and less than six months old.


  • The operator has their own part 135/145 + valid AOC

  • Proof of ownership of dedicated air ambulances OR exclusive contract with air taxi operator and appropriately outfitted aircraft

  • Proof of ownership of dedicated HEMS OR equivalent contract with operator

It is to be noted that the accreditation process will require provision of all aircraft tail fin numbers.
You are required to submit all tail fin numbers for any aircraft used for medical transport.


  • Aircraft Insurance policy
  • Medical Indemnity insurance policy

The registration process must be completed within 3 months.
The three-month period begins on the date the EURAMI office sends you the link for the registration folder on box.com

Having received all of your registration documents, your application will be forwarded to the board for review.
You will be informed about the the boards decision accordingly.