Registration fee

Registration is subject to approval by the board.
Please complete the registration form and read the instructions carefully to initiate the process.

A non refundable 1000 EUR fee will be invoiced upon receipt of the registration criteria documents.

Accreditation fee

The cost of the accreditation and audit procedure is 5000 EUR.

Multiple Bases

When a company operates on two or more bases a review of a second base is required.
This base review is not included in the standard accreditation fee.
An additional fee of 4000 EUR will be charged for the second base visit.

The accreditation fee is due before the auditor’s visit and must be paid in full.
The accreditation fee does not give the right to the program to enjoy membership or representation at the EURAMI General Assembly.

Auditor Travel Expenses

All programs are required to cover  travel and hotel expenses for the auditor as per our travel policy.

Flight and Hotel standards for the Auditor

Business class flight is required for flights exceeding 4 hours.
The minimum business class seat standard is either “full-flat seat” or “angled-lie flat”.

Lodging should be at minimum a four star hotel or flight crew equivalent if not available.

Annual Membership Fee

The annual cost for Commercial Airline Medical Escort is EUR 3000,- (EUR 1500,- Memebership Fee + EUR 1500,- Re-accreditation Fee.
The annual costs are being sent once a year.


Reaccreditation is performed every three years.
The annual membership fee covers the charge for the reaccreditation of one base.

When a provider has two or more bases then an additional base visit is required.
An additional fee of 4000 EUR will be charged for the second base visit.