Adult critical care
This is for programs that are able to safely and efficiently transfer ventilated and other Level 3 patients, but – because of their location or mission statement,
do not have a requirement for advanced cardio-respiratory care such as intra-aortic balloon pumps, ECMO or nitric ventilation.

Paediatric critical care
Covers all programs that perform paediatric (0.5y-15y) intensive care transports.
These should be performed with an appropriately certified physician as per national standards and paediatric nurse.

Neonatal critical care
This is for programs for transporting neonatal transports with an appropriately certified physician as per national standards.

Advanced adult critical care
Covers IABP, ECMO, nitric oxide ventilation, burns etc.

EMS Special Care
This is for FW programs that have a DELAYED PRIMARY role, i.e. collecting the patient from the nearest landing strip or airport to the point of injury or illness in order to deliver the patient to a primary receiving hospital emergency department (or other acute facility).
Typically these flights are from remote areas to isolated hospitals. The skill set here is similar to that for HEMS.