You are interested in becoming a EURAMI accredited provider, but are uncertain if your company is ready to take this step?
Take advantage of our Pre-Audit Consulting Service.

Using this service will enable you to review your current infrastructure and identify areas of improvement before undertaking the EURAMI audit.

This service is performed by a EURAMI expert, who has extensive experience and exposure to the EURAMI audit and accreditation process.
The service is provided over a two-day period, however, if there are several locations to be visited this may be extended.

This consulting service is a 5 step process:

  1. Briefing Meeting
    During this meeting the expert will present the EURAMI accreditation process and best practices.
    The company being reviewed makes a short presentation about their operation.
  2. Discussion Group with key players.
    The discussion group is an interactive tool used to evaluate the current situation.
    The expert will highlight the strengths and list areas of improvement.
    The following areas are reviewed:

    1. Medical & operational infrastructure
    2. Training
    3. Hiring
    4. QM/QC processes
  3. Site inspection

    At the end of the site inspection, the expert will be able to list areas of improvement as well as the program’s strengths.
    Action points will be discussed as well to help initiate any change processes.

    During the site inspection the following points will be reviewed:

    1. Operations Center
    2. Aircraft & Aircraft configuration
    3. Medical equipment & maintenance
  4. Debrief

    Final conclusions and discussion are presented during a debrief meeting.
    These will review the action points as well as the strengths & weaknesses.

  5. Final Report

    A final report that details action points, strengths & weaknesses will be sent to the provider.


The cost is based on the number of aircraft in operation for air ambulance transport.

  1. 12500€ for 1-4 aircraft on 1 operational site.
  2. 15000€ for 5 plus aircraft OR 2 aircraft operational sites.

Travel is to be arranged by the program for the expert in Business class for all flights outside of Europe.
Accommodations should be in 5 star hotel and if unavailable in a 4 star hotel.

For more information please contact the EURAMI office.