Our Valuable Team Members

Dr. Cai Glushak
Dr. Cai GlushakPresident
Mr Philipp Schneider
Mr Philipp SchneiderVice President
Mr Mark Chapman
Mr Mark ChapmanTreasurer
Mr Sergio Abril
Mr Sergio AbrilBoard Member
Ms Franziska Hollenstein
Ms Franziska HollensteinBoard Member
Mrs Lisa Humphries
Mrs Lisa HumphriesBoard Member


The current EURAMI board is composed of 6 members.
The board assigns its members to the position of President, Vice President or Treasurer.

Meetings are held every two to three weeks, its main objectives are to:

•    Supervise the accreditation process.
•    Validate the on site auditors reports as well as the secondary auditors reports.
•    Lobby national and international bodies for the advancement of quality in aeromedical transfers.
•    Lobby clients, hospitals and medical groups on the importance of quality in the aeromedical field.
•    Promote research in aeromedical transfer.
•    Act responsibly to expand EURAMI through sound financial and scientific management.


EURAMI is composed of two organs:

•    The Member’s General assembly
•    The EURAMI Board.

There are also two staff members whose role is to assist the board in administrative tasks as well as coordinate with EURAMI members.

A general assembly is organised every year in order to inform and gather feedback from the EURAMI members. The objective of the assembly is also to provide a networking experience for the members present.

The board usually convenes at that time and validates the annual accounts as well as the strategy and agenda for the year to follow.

The annual assembly is open to all observers, however voting is limited only to those members who have paid their dues.