EURAMI’s services include

•    Consultancy
•    Accreditation
•    Research and development
•    Networking

Consultancy & Lobbying

EURAMI lobbies government agencies to promote best practices in the aeromedical transfer of patients. Missions include informing members of the European Commission, defense agencies, hospital organizations and regional EMS infrastructures. Our objective is to help.

EURAMI supplies consultancy services to governments and organizations in the field of medical evacuation, air rescue and contingency planning.
We can also aid in choosing medical equipment and/or aircraft best suited for different types of missions.

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Quality management and accreditation is performed for both fixed wing and rotor aircraft programs.
This is explained in more detail in the accreditation section of the website.

Research & development

EURAMI’s objective is to aid in defining the best practice operational and organizational approaches to air rescue. In order to achieve this, EURAMI has decided to support and promote evidence based medicine studies in the field.
We are currently in the process of acquiring funding and identifying those areas where studies will have the most impact.


We believe in interdependance and in a open marketplace. EURAMI has an extensive network of providers and professionals in the medical assistance market. This network is open to all members in order to define commercial and scientific interdependancies. As a central body, we aim to facilitate communication through the organization of congresses and scientific events.