FAQ Page

EURAMI will publish a list of accredited air medical services. However, it is the policy of EURAMI to consider specific information about the accreditation process of an individual air medical service to be strictly confidential. EURAMI will release such information only with the services permission:

  • Whether EURAMI has received an application from a specific air medical service or a site visit has been scheduled.
  • The expiration date of the air medical services accreditation.
  • The accreditation status if not on the accreditation list.

The EURAMI Board is very sensitive to conflict of interest issues. Each auditor and Board member is required to complete a form with questions regarding conflict of interest issues before becoming involved in a specific site survey.

Yes. An air medical service is entitled to appeal an accreditation decision when the service feels, there were errors in interpretation during the site survey.

  • The air medical service must request an appeal in writing within 30 days of being informed of the accreditation decision.
  • The EURAMI Board will review the appeal and decide if repeat visit is warranted. If a repeat site visit is required, it will be scheduled within 60 days of appeal.

The EURAMI Board may defer a decision on accreditation status if there is a lack of sufficient information about specific issues which may preclude an informed and reasonable decision. If action is deferred on an accreditation service, the program retains its current accreditation status until a final decision is made.

An Air Medical Service has applied for the first time and has deficiencies which are, in the judgement of the EURAMI Board, correctable within a six months time frame but prevent the service from being in substantial compliance. Provisional action is temporary and for a maximum of six months. Only two further accreditation decisions can result at the end of the six months:

  • Full accreditation if concerns and deficiencies are addressed satisfactorily.
  • Withhold accreditation if deficiencies are not corrected within the six month time frame.

Yes, a program may be withdrawn accreditation if it demonstrates non substantial compliance to the EURAMI accreditation standards.\r\nThus, a program is not entitled to advertise as “being accredited” nor enjoy the privileges of accreditation under the following decisions:

Accreditation Withheld:

Accreditation will be withheld when an air medical service applying for the first time does not substantially comply with the Accreditations Standards.

Accreditation Withdrawn:

EURAMI Accreditation may be withdrawn if the air medical service is no longer in compliance with the EURAMI Accreditation Standards or accreditation policies and procedures.

The site visit begins with a brief Opening Conference followed by a tour of the key areas and aircrafts with prearranged interviews with the service personnel. During the Closing Conference, the auditor will outline areas of excellence and areas not in compliance with the EURAMI Accreditation Standards. The auditors do not discuss accreditation actions since all accreditation decisions are made by the EURAMI Board.