The founding meeting that lead to the creation of EURAMI was held on the 8th of September 1992 in Frankfurt/Main.

On that date 22 medical air rescue experts from 10 European countries created a Special Advisory Board for air rescue.
The advisory board’s objective was to create an interest group for the medical component of air rescue. The mission and vision was to create a scientifically oriented institution with an emphasis on the practical aspects of air medical transfer.

Five points were addressed :

•    Training
•    Research
•    Information &  documentation
•    Standardisation
•    Logistics & operations

EURAMI was registered first as a European economic community of interests 6 months later on the 11th of February 1993 in Brussels, Belgium.

A year later EURAMI was officially founded as a registered association in Germany.

It is formally recognized since August 11, 1994 as an association in the “official register of companies and associations” in the legal jurisdiction of Nürtingen, Germany.
EURAMI’s name went through several changes but its actual name was voted during the 11th EURAMI Meeting in Prague on October 16, 1998.
The Institute’s official name is European Aero-Medical Institute (EURAMI) e. V.
European Association of Interests of Air Rescuers and Air Rescue Organizations.

Most of the primary objectives during the initial foundation meeting are still in the mission and scope of EURAMI, involving the medical operational aspects of air rescue.

Its mission has evolved to:

•    Promote fixed and rotor wing air rescue in Europe and the world.
•    Harmonize and generalize experience and know how in air rescue
•    Facilitate and develop the “in the field” work of its members
•    Guarantee the excellence of air rescue services in all countries inside and outside the EU.