Our mission is to promote high quality aeromedical transfers throughout Europe and the world via fixed wing or rotor aircraft.

We aim to establish this through promoting research, training and accreditation in the field of aeromedical transfers.

We are convinced that safe, ethical and quality healthcare and transport practices must be the norm.
To attain this we will help to help harmonize and generalize the European and international insights in air rescue by every means possible to us.

EURAMI believes strongly that Accreditation is an effective means of validating quality aeromedical services and initiating self evaluation for a program.

In order to be effective, we believe that strong leadership is essential. We are also committed to sharing our experience and being of service to all who share our ideal and vision.

EURAMI will within its area of special aeromedical knowledge act as an advocate and fight for unable and needy emergency patients.

We do this so that they can be offered optimal and safe medical aid by air rescue and flight transportation services in Europe and in the world.

We believe in uniform standards and internationally accepted scientific level of care to all patients without consideration for age, sex, race, religion, social status and philosophy of life.