The European Aero-Medical Institute is thrilled to welcome Dr. Bruno Sicard to its Auditor Team.

Dr. Sicard comes to Eurami as a physician having begun his medical career as Naval Flight Surgeon in France’s Navy and further trained and certified by the US Navy. He has served numerous military deployments on aircraft carriers, naval air stations, and also held the position of Medical Liaison Officer with the US Military. As an Emergency Physician in Toulon, France he operates in a Level 1 trauma center and a private hospital, and works as flight physician for Latitude Air Ambulance, Canada.
Graduated from Lyon Medical School, France, he holds a PhD in Physiology in Extreme Environment focusing on Risk Propensity modeling.

Bruno has demonstrated excellent knowledge and understanding of the EURAMI ethos, standards and mission through his theoretical and practical training. We are delighted to welcome him to the EURAMI family and will for sure keep him busy with the many upcoming audits!