Dear Members and Friends

It is an honor and a privilege to have recently been chosen to lead the Board of EURAMI with the profound responsibility to serve the interests of our members as well as the patients who ultimately depend on all of us.  I was originally attracted to this body in my role as a physician responsible for the well-being of travelers, expats and other persons seeking urgent access to high quality medical care that is not available to them in their moment of need.   That made my patients and me clients of the aeromedical industry. Having had roots in that field as an emergency physician based at a busy aeromedical helicopter program (the University of Chicago), I knew how medically complex and demanding this field of medicine is as well as how easily things can go wrong if not managed responsibly.

This clearly justifies the existence of an accreditation body with the purest of standards entrenched in the highest of medical and aviation principles.  The beauty of EURAMI is that it truly embraces all knowledgeable stakeholders in its voice and that is why I became involved.  And I am proud to continue serving on a recent as well newly elected Board that I can attest embraces the principles of high-quality aeromedicine, upstanding business practices and objectivity.

My goals for my term are to continue the visionary work initiated by my predecessors Dr. Laurent Taymans and Pascaline Wolferman  to place us on a course of professional and scholarly advancement for our indispensable and specialized medical services and to achieve broader recognition in the healthcare, emergency response, assistance and insurance communities – all the while ensuring that medical excellence, reliability and safety are of paramount importance in all these circles.

You are all aware that over the last year, our small administration suffered from two major medical setbacks among our leadership.  While our key officers made heroic efforts to ensure continuity of their roles in spite of their hardships, the Board had to step in to maintain service, albeit with some delays and missteps. While essential services have been maintained, we apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced.  However, with the onboarding of a highly qualified interim manager, I believe you have all already seen a recovery of our functions which I have every confidence will carry us smoothly into the coming year and beyond.

In addition to returning to smooth-running business as usual, I have several important short and long-term objectives at top of mind.   These are:

  • Recruitment and training of additional qualified auditors to meet the increasing demand for accreditation and need for re-accreditation. Specifically, we need a diverse enough pool to avoid excess cost to auditees as well as to avoid any concern of conflict of interest.
  • A review of our standards to ensure they embrace high performance expectations while being realistic and practical.  An updated version of standards is underway under the stewardship of Dr. Terry Martin with a framework for more rational scoring.  These will be syndicated to a review panel before final approval.
  • Find the best route to advance EURAMI’s standards and acceptance in emerging markets faced with resource limitations in a way that enables sincere providers to improve their services in a “start-up” environment. Essentially, we must find a way to nurture the development and advancement of aeromedical resources in less developed regions where economics and conditions are less favorable to operators than in more established and competitive environments.
  • Establish an advisory board to be composed of former leaders and invited experts from related industries to guide us in the steps necessary to increase EURAMI’s recognition, advancement and acceptance of the accreditation standard.
  • Compose a forum for medical directors and experts to discuss standards for the industry in a progressive and non-competitive manner.
  • Increase thoughtful and professional communication and engagement among our members to advance our overall objectives. We need your input and expertise and you will likely have me knocking at your door to engage you in supporting our activities.

Above all, I want our organization to stand not only for the highest aeromedical standards, but to embrace the highest ethical principles, putting aside competitive concerns for the advancement and respect of the industry and the well-being of our patients.

I look forward to a productive and engaged term and hope to hear from all of you.

Regards to all,

Cai Glushak, MD FACEP