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Air Alliance Medflight GmbH (UK Aeromedical team)

Airport IATA BHX

The Business Aviation Centre
Birmingham Airport
B26 3QN

Tel: 24/7 +49 2736 4428 45

About Air Alliance Medflight GmbH (UK Aeromedical team)

Air Alliance Medflight is part of the Air Alliance Group with headquarters in Siegerland, Germany. We operate from Cologne (Germany), Vienna (Austria) and Birmingham (UK). This accreditation refers specifically to our integrated UK aeromedical team (Birmingham). The medical teams in Germany and Austria are provided by our Eurami accredited medical partners MedCare Professional.

There are two Learjet 35A’s based in Birmingham which became operational as a base in May 2016. These aircraft form part of a much larger fleet of aircraft which comprises of 2 Challenger 604s, 2 Learjet 55s, 8 Learjet 35s and 1 Learjet 31. The Group undertakes up to 900 missions per annum with approximately 250 of these being medically managed and launched from the UK base. 

Air Alliance Medflight has a worldwide AOC with significant experience in long range complex transfers and can cater for all patient types and acuities.


Jane Topliss
Jane ToplissDirector of UK Aeromedical Services
Dr. Jon Warwick
Dr. Jon WarwickUK Medical Director
David Quayle
David QuayleClinical Services Manager
Tiina Kauhanen
Tiina KauhanenChief Flight Nurse



Accreditation History

Accreditation Certificate Valid Until Standard Achieved / Medical Endorsements
Primary Accreditation 15th of March 2020

Long-Range / Intercontinental Fixed Wing Accreditation

Medical Endorsements:

  • Adult Critical Care