As the leading Aeromedical Accreditation Institute EURAMI is a strong advocate for Excellence among aeromedical transport providers.

EURAMI – promoting Excellence


EURAMI is a renowned indicator for Quality in Aero-Medical Transportation, accrediting providers all around the globe.

EURAMI – promoting Quality


EURAMI’s standards and procedures increase Saftey in Aero-Medical Transportation, making it a key component when it comes to working with aeromedical providers.

EURAMI – promoting Safety

The European Aero-Medical Institute

Founded in 1992 the European Aero-Medical Institute e.V. – commonly known as EURAMI – is a nonprofit organization, with its base in Cologne, Germany. EURAMI has established itself as an indicator for Excellence, Quality and Safety in Aero-Medical Transportation. Founded by the leading aeromedical providers in the world it has since developed into a globally recognized institution with more than 50 accredited providers worldwide.

EURAMI strives to increase and promote the best patient care by creating and publishing standards in the field of Fixed Wing Air Ambulance, Rotary Wing Air Ambulance as well as Commercial Airline Medical Escort.

Eurami - European-Aero-Medical-Institute

„As an inclusive membership of dedicated aeromedical providers and related industry stakeholders, EURAMI is a proud promoter of quality medical care and ethical business practices to support the needs of patients in need of aviation medical care. We aim to support and ensure the best medical, logistic and business practices in private fixed wing and helicopter transportation as well as on commercial aircraft.

In a discipline in which the outcome of severely ill patients depend on the medical capability and reliable responsiveness and integrity of the aeromedical industry, we take our responsibility to recognize only those providers who aspire to these high standards with the utmost seriousness.“

Dr. Cai Glushak


The European Aero-Medical Institute accredits & re-accredits high quality aero-medical providers in the field of Fixed Wing Air Ambulance, Rotary Wing Air Ambulance & Commercial Airline Medical Escort. Find out how your company can become accredited by clicking on the button below.



EURAMI’s membership consists of accredited providers, associated members as well as individual and corporate members who are supporting our mission and development. Find out how you can become a member by clicking on the button below.



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Our members are always on the move – and so are we! Find out more about our providers, successful accreditations & re-accreditation as well as other interesting publications.

911, 2020

Jetcall successfully re-accredited!

The EURAMI Board & Office congratulates Jetcall on their successfully re-accreditation in the following categories: Accreditation: Long Range /Intercontinental Fixed Wing Air Ambulance Endorsements: - [...]

911, 2020

Airlec Air Espace achieves successful Primary EURAMI Accreditation!

Airlec Air Espace, based in France, has successfully completed its first EURAMI Accreditation. Airlec Air Espace  was awarded accreditation in: Accreditation: Regional Fixed Wing Air [...]

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EURAMI standards

Our standards are the heart of our mission to promote Excellence, Quality & Safety in Aero-Medical Transportation. EURAMI standards are updated regularly to reflect developments and changes within the industry. Our standrads are available for Fixed Wing Air Ambulance, Rotary Wing Air Ambulance & Comercial Airline Medical Escort.


EURAMI Providers

EURAMI’s provider pool consists of more than 50 market leaders in aero-medical transportation with a global reach and bases on five continents. Find your EURAMI accredited provider amongst our membership by clicking on the button below.

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