The EURAMI Conferences

European Aero-Medical Institute (EURAMI) e.V.

An annual event since its implementation in 2023, the EURAMI Conferences are the ideal place for everyone involved in the field of aero-medical transportation. From physicians to executives, from operations managers to ground ambulances, from network coordinators to supply chain experts – EURAMI welcomes everyone.

With interactive and lively sessions covering anything from operations to maintenance, in-flight emergencies, and the latest industry developments, the EURAMI Conferences are the go-to-event to discuss and share knowledge with market leaders and industry peers.

Tailored to the needs and interest of its membership, the EURAMI Conferences are taking place in November each year at a different European location.

Find out more about the annual conferences by clicking on the annual Conference Logos below or reach out to EURAMI directly for further information and how to get involved.

EURAMI Conferences

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EURAMI Conference 2023
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