Commercial Airline Medical Escort Accreditation

European Aero-Medical Institute (EURAMI) e.V.

The European Aero-Medical Institute accredits aero-medical providers performing transfers on Commercial Airlines. Accredited Providers transport patients either in Economy Class, Business Class, First Class, PTC or on a designated Stretcher on a designated Commercial Airline.

Commercial Airline Medical Escort (CAME)

Eligibility Criteria

Providers wanting to register to apply for Accreditation in the Commercial Airline Medical Escort category must fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

  • Sufficient operational experience / maturity
    Operational experience includes a minimum of 2 years of CAME flight operation and/or a minimum of 130 medical flights performed
  • Dedicated qualified personnel & infrastructure
    Staff and infrastructure must be adequate for CAME operations
  • Suitable Equipment
    The equipment used must be suitable and adequate to perform safe aero-medical transportation on Commercial Flights

If operational experience is not met by the provider applying for accreditation it is up to the Board to debate whether alternate eligibility criteria is sufficient.

Information considered by the Board includes:

  • Proof of previous operational air ambulance capability or experience in air charter for aeromedical transport activity (for instance a merger or spin-off of prior activity).
  • More than 75 completed medical flights
  • Unequivocally positive references/letters of recommendation from two major clients such
    • Medical assistance companies
    • Government bodies
    • Insurances
    • Other accredited EURAMI programs

The program applying for an exempt for registration to Accreditation must present all three of the above criteria.

Required Documents for Registering for
Commercial Airline Medical Escort Accreditation

In order to apply for registration, the following documents must be submitted in a digitalized format and uploaded to into the designated Document Management Folder provided by EURAMI Headquarter.

The documents must be less than 6 months old at the time of application for registration:

Personnel and Infrastructure

For the CEO:

  • Current Curriculum Vitae

For the Medical Director:

  • Current Curriculum Vitae
  • Current Criminal Record
  • Proof or Registration and Membership in good standing from a national physician’s regulatory authority


  • Medical indemnity insurance policy

The registration process must be completed within 3 months.

The three-month period begins on the date the EURAMI office sends you the link for the registration folder on The EURAMI HQ will provide you with the timeline, steps and link for registration accordingly.

The Registration Application will be reviewed by the Executive Board. If successful, the applicant can apply for Accreditation in the designated category. The Accreditation Process must be completed within 12 months. For further information please contact us.

How to get accredited

The Process for Accreditation requires several steps as shown below. The timeline from Registration until successful Re-Accreditation can range from six to twelve month, depending on various factors such as availability of the provider, location and number of bases.

What does EURAMI Accreditation cost?

The cost for accreditation is divided into several parts and payment circles as illustrated below.

Registration Fee

A non-refundable fee of EUR 1000,- will be invoiced upon receipt of the registration criteria documents.

This fee must be paid within three months.

Primary Accreditation Fee

The Primary Accreditation Fee is a one-time fee applicable after successful registration approval by the EURAMI Executive Board. The fee must be paid at least one month before the scheduled audit date.

The Fee for the Primary Accreditation in CAME is EUR 5000,- for one base.

For any additional base the Primary Additional Base Audit Fee is EUR 4000,- per base.

Annual Membership Fee

The Annual Membership Fee is charged every year and is EUR 1500,-

The Annual Membership Fee is invoiced together with the Annual Re-Accreditation Fee.

Annual Re-Accreditation Fee

The Annual Re-Accreditation Fee is charged every year. The Re-Accreditation Fee covers the fee for the Re-Accreditation every year. There is no additional fee at the time of the audit.

The Annual Re-Accreditation Fee is EUR 1500,- per year. This Fee is valid for one base.

The Annual Re-Accreditation Fee for an additional base is EUR 1000,-. The fee will only be applied once regardless of the number of additional bases.

Auditor Travel Expenses

All programs are required to cover travel and hotel expenses for the auditor as per our travel policy.

Business class flight is required for flights exceeding 4 hours continual flight time.
The minimum business class seat standard is either “full-flat seat” or “angled-lie flat”.

Lodging should be at minimum a four-star hotel or flight crew equivalent if not available.

Get accredited now!

Apply for Registration to become a EURAMI accredited provider by completing the designated registration form.