European Aero-Medical Institute (EURAMI) e.V.

Re-Accreditation is a standardized process for all EURAMI Accredited Providers.

EURAMI Accredited Providers must undergo re-accreditation in their designated categories every three years. The Re-Accreditation period starts at the day of the primary Accreditation Audit. The Validation Date of the Providers’ accreditation is also shown on the EURAMI Accreditation Certificate as well as the designated provider page which can be found here. Should you require further information please contact EURAMI Headquarter .

The Re-Accreditation process

For detailed information please review the accreditation process illustrated below.

Re-Accreditation Fees

The Re-Accreditation fees are split in annual payment installments and are invoiced together with the annual membership fee. The Membership Fees for Fixed Wing Air Ambulance, Rotary Wing Air Ambulance and Commercial Airline Medical Escort can be found by clicking on the designated category. There is no additional fee for the provider at the time of the re-accreditation audit.

Annual Re-Accreditation Fee

The Annual Re-Accreditation Fee is EUR 1500,- per year for all categories. This Fee is valid for one base.

The Annual Re-Accreditation Fee for an additional base is EUR 1000,-.

The fee will only be applied once regardless of the number of additional bases.

Auditor Travel Expenses

All programs are required to cover travel and hotel expenses for the auditor as per our travel policy.

Business class flight is required for flights exceeding 4 hours continual flight time.
The minimum business class seat standard is either “full-flat seat” or “angled-lie flat”.

Lodging should be at minimum a four-star hotel or flight crew equivalent if not available.

EURAMI Providers

EURAMI’s provider pool consists of more than 50 market leaders in aero-medical transportation with a global reach and bases on five continents. Find your EURAMI accredited provider amongst our membership by clicking on the button below.