The EURAMI Corporate Membership

Join the association as a corporate member to support its mission, help shape the aero-medical industry and collaborate with industry experts and leaders.

The EURAMI Corporate Membership

European Aero-Medical Institute (EURAMI) e.V.

The European Aero-Medical Institute is delighted to introduce the EURAMI Corporate Membership, which will allow for corporations to join and participate with EURAMI in its mission for aeromedical excellence.

Who can apply?

Any corporation that has a strong interest in aeromedicine, but which does not provide direct aero-medical services and would like to support EURAMI with its goals as well as work closely with EURAMI’s Board & Accredited Membership. Entities might include Insurance & Assistance Companies, Risk Management Entities, Ground Ambulance Providers or similar corporations.


Upon receipt of the application for corporate membership the same will be reviewed and voted on by the Board. It is up to the Board’s discretion to approve or deny any membership. The Corporate Member will then be informed by the Managing Director about the Board’s Decision.

Upon successful application the Corporate Member must designate a representative member and will receive access to the In addition, the Corporate Member Representative will receive all EURAMI-related communication and is allowed to present themselves as a member as well as participate in committees.

The Corporate Membership Invoice will be sent upon approval of the membership and must be paid within 30 days of receipt.

The Corporate Member will receive a dedicated section on the EURAMI Corporate Membership page via

Duties & Regulations

Excerpt from the EURAMI Standards 2019:
A Corporate member is legal corporation interested in the supporting the Association’s purpose and goals. Corporate organizations are represented by a designated Representative Member. This may be any natural person working for that corporate member.

Primarily, they are expected to cooperate, participate in the General Assembly, and exercise their voting rights. Corporate members may not hold any other voting membership within the Association.

i    Corporate membership is valid for one (1) year.
ii   Only one (1) person may represent a corporate member. Other qualified employees may join as associate members but will not have a vote.
iii  Each corporate member must provide the Association with the name of their representative member.
iv   They are invited to attend the General Assembly meetings.
v    They are allowed one vote.
vi   They may present themselves as candidates to the Executive Board.

All corporate members must accept EURAMI’s statutes and terms & conditions.

EURAMI Corporate Members

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