“Having been a member of EURAMI for many years, and a member of the board from 2008 to 2012, I fully believe in the concept of EURAMI as the leading institute that develops and oversees standards for aero-medical patient transport worldwide.

Through good governance, clear focus, efficient management and experienced auditors, EURAMI has the potential to improve the overall standards in aeromedical patient transport and to get Air Ambulance providers from all over the world, as well as stake holders in the insurance and assistance industry, to agree on the importance of standards where safety and quality of patient care before, during and after aeromedical transport missions is concerned.”

As an auditor, I will bring the following qualities and experience to EURAMI:

  • 21 years of medical expertise and experience in aero-medical patient transport
  • Leadership experience in developing an Air Ambulance Service from early beginnings to successful accreditation
  • Business experience in transforming a not for profit organization into a profitable company.
  • Previous EURAMI Board experience with insight into governance, standards development, air ambulance audits and the relationships between the organization and its membership body.
  • Good knowledge of the African medical and aviation environment