The Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems Global (CAMTS Global) and the European Aero-Medical Institute (EURAMI) are non-profit organisations that promote high standards for patient care, safety, and quality. To achieve accreditation, medical transport services that apply for accreditation must demonstrate significant compliance with either CAMTS Global or EURAMI standards.

Both organisations conduct site visits worldwide and both organizations strive to keep their auditors safe and limit exposures during this pandemic while ensuring the services that achieve accreditation maintain compliance with the standards. As such, all visits are conducted by medical professionals with strict adherence to ECDC, CDC and WHO guidelines.  Virtual site visits may be necessary during lock downs. Both organisations have developed policies and practices to conduct virtual interviews and tours and follow their policies to review documents.

CAMTS Global and EURAMI are separate organisations who agreed to issue this joint statement to assure assist and insurance companies, hospitals and all other customers that rely on their integrity and transparency. During these challenging times, both organisations have common goals to address practices during a pandemic in the safest manner while upholding and promoting adherence to the respective standards to maintain the highest levels of safety and quality in the accredited companies.

Eileen Frazer, RN, CMTE
Executive Director – CAMTS Global

Claudia Schmiedhuber
Managing Director – EURAMI