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Airlec Air Espace

Airport IATA: BOD

Rue Caroline Aigle, Zone Aviation Générale,
Cidex 05, 33700 Mérignac, France

Contact details Ops:
Alarm 24/7:      +33 5563 402 14

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About Airlec Air Espace

Airlec Air Espace has been based in Bordeaux since 1958 and was bought by Patrick Tiba in 1997, who brought with him an important focus on air ambulance services.

Airlec Ambulance and Airlec Medical are part of a joint venture. Together they formed the first integrated French medical repatriation company with its own air ambulance. Airlec Medical is specialised in the provision of medical repatriation to get patients back home from anywhere in the world and provide them with care on board.

Airlec Ambulance benefits from its vast experience of air ambulance flights within Airlec Air Espace. We offer a unique service, deeply-rooted in French medical culture, which combines advanced technical skills, a personal approach and a relationship with partners, patients and their family built on trust.

The nurse-doctor pairs are each on duty for a week at a time, which enables them to complete missions without the need to return to base. Airlec Ambulance serves works in partnership with many assistance groups and also individuals. At the request of our partners, we have opened an assistance service on commercial passenger aircraft and ground ambulances.

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Paul Tiba
Paul TibaManaging Director


Fairchild Aircraft
Fairchild AircraftMerlin III B
Tailnumber: F-GGVG, F-GNRT
CessnaCitation I 501 Eagle II
CessnaCitation II 550
Hawker Beechcraft
Hawker BeechcraftHawker 1000B
Hawker Beechcraft
Hawker BeechcraftHawker 900

Accreditation History

Accreditation Certificate Valid Until Standard Achieved / Medical Endorsements
Primary Accreditation September 24th, 2023 Long-Range / Intercontinental Fixed Wing Air Ambulance

Regional Fixed Wing Air Ambulance

Medical Endorsements:

  • Adult Critical Care
  • Advanced Adult Critical Care
  • Pediatric Critical Care
  • Neonatal Critical Care