Project Description

Amref Flying Doctors

Airport IATA: WIL

Wilson Airport
P.O. Box 18617
00500 Nairobi

Radio Frequencies:
HF: 9116kHz LSB / 5796 kHz LSB
Call Sign: Foundation Control

Tel: +254 20 6992299 / 6992000/
Tel: + 254 (0) 730 811 811/ 709 962 000
Fax: +254 20 6000665

Eurami - Amref Flying Doctors
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About AMREF Flying Doctors

AMREF Flying Doctors is a non-profit limited liability company based in Nairobi Kenya and is solely owned by the international humanitarian Health organisation AMREF Health Africa.

Since its formation in 1957 by Sir Archie McIndoe, Sir Michael Wood and Dr Tom Rees, AMREF has delivered health care to some of the most remote areas of East Africa. AMREF Flying Doctors is committed to providing world-class medical services to the people of Africa as one of Africa’s leading air ambulance services, operating across the African continent in nations such as Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Somalia, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Burundi.

AMREF provides air evacuation services 24 hours a day with fulltime medical and aircrew including inter-hospital transfer. In addition, patients can be repatriated via jet air ambulance aircraft to Europe, Asia, Middle East, Far East and North America or medical escort can be provided on commercial carriers.

As a vital link between remote areas and the Emergency Control Centre at Wilson Airport in Nairobi AMREF has established the largest two-way radio network in Africa, comprising over 100 HF radio stations across East Africa. AMREF also provides a medical outreach programme, taking specialist health care to some of the most impoverished and remote communities of Africa.

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Stephen Gitau
Stephen GitauCEO
Dr. Joseph Lelo
Dr. Joseph LeloMedical Director
Mr. Mike Black
Mr. Mike BlackChief Operating Officer
Captain Ephraim Murigu
Captain Ephraim MuriguChief Pilot


CessnaCitation C560 XLS
CessnaCitation C550 Bravo
BeechcraftB200 King Air
CessnaCitation Sovereign

Accreditation History

Accreditation Certificate Valid Until Standard Achieved / Medical Endorsements
Primary Accreditation March 2010 Full Accreditation / Special Care
Re-Accreditation 26th of July 2013 Full Accreditation / Special Care
Re-Accreditation 1st of August 2016 Full Accreditation / Special Care
Re-Accreditation 19th of July 2019
Long-Range / Intercontinental Fixed Wing

Medical Endorsements: 

  • Adult Critical Care 

Commercial Airline Medical Escort Accreditation

Re-Accreditation 22nd of June 2022
Long-Range / Intercontinental Fixed Wing

Medical Endorsements: 

  • Adult Critical Care 

Commercial Airline Medical Escort Accreditation