LIFESUPPORT Air Medical Services Corp.


5160 Dublin Way Suite Unit #201
British Colombia

Tel: +1 250 947 9641 (24 Hour Dispatch)
Fax: +1 877 288 2908

Base Calgary

Suite 252 – 575 Palmer Road NE
Calgary Alberta

Base Toronto

Suite 216 – 5935 Airport Road
Mississauga, Ontario

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About LIFESUPPORT Air Medical Services Corp.


Headquartered in British Columbia, Canada, LIFESUPPORT Patient Transport is a Canadian owned and operated ground ambulance, air ambulance and commercial airline patient transportation organization. We move patients locally, regionally and internationally.

Our unique worldwide client list includes governments, hospitals and health authorities, major financial institutions, insurance companies, emergency assistance organizations, defence organizations and major energy firms.

Clinical Capabilities

  • 3 Critical Care Transport Teams with full equipment sets
  • 1 dedicated air ambulance aircraft, King Air 300
  • 12 commercial airline medical escort kits & POC’s
  • 4 Ground Ambulances
  • 2 Paramedic Mobile Treatment Centres
  • Operations in Nanaimo, Vancouver, Toronto, Honolulu, Fort St. John
  • Two Medical Directors (Canadian and USA Medical Directors)
  • Full time Chief Flight Nurse, Clinical Nurse Educator and Paramedic Chief
  • Full time roster of Flight Nurses and Paramedics
  • 80 staff (full time, part time, casual)

Logistical Capabilities

  • 24/7 dedicated dispatch centre with medically trained flight coordinator
  • Specialized teams such as our worldwide Rapid Response Medical Team
  • Unique capabilities such as critical care transport on commercial airlines
  • Complex aeromedical case management team for high profile cases


  • 8 years of accident free operations
  • Annually an average of 1000 ground patient transfers
  • 300 regional, national and international medical evacuation responses
  • 200 critical care ground transfers, from stable ICU to emergent calls
  • 100 emergency projects for private industry and government contracts

Unique Programs

We operate British Columbia’s first and only publicly funded, privately delivered Critical Care Transport Program. This unique program supplies our medevac flight teams and equipment to the hospital for critical care ground transfers from Comox to Victoria. Average of 200 CCT responses per year, from stable ICU patients to critically ill emergency patients.

We supply Critical Care Transport nursing and paramedic coverage to the Interior Health Authority to fill staffing vacancies for their High Acuity Response Team (HART) which transports emergent RED patients from community facilities to regional tertiary care facilities.

The LIFESUPPORT Patient Transport worldwide Rapid Response Medical Team deploys to complex, emergency cases around the world. We evacuate patients from cruise ships, remote islands, hard to reach places such as Africa and Asia, the South Pacific, jungles and war zones, such as in the Ukraine and Afghanistan. Our Rapid Response Team reaches patient’s in need when traditional resources cannot. The LIFESUPPORT Patient Transport Rapid Response Team deploys from Vancouver via commercial airline or Challenger Jet, to stabilize patients in need, evacuate and treat, or to obtain critical information and assessments in a real time with a direct hands on approach.

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Adam Ward
Adam WardCEO
Dr. Marek Rozwadowski
Dr. Marek RozwadowskiMedical Director


BeechcraftKing Air 300
BeechcraftKing Air 200XR
BombardierChallenger 604
DassaultFalcon 10
DassaultFalcon 10

Accreditation History

Accreditation Certificate Valid Until Standard Achieved / Medical Endorsements
Primary Accreditation 17th of September 2018 Fixed Wing: Long-Range/Intercontinental
Medical Endorsements:

  • Adult Critical Care

Commercial Escort Accreditation

Extension 17th of December 2018 Long-range / Intercontinental Fixed Wing Accreditation
Medical Endorsements:

  • Adult Critical Care

Commercial Airline Medical Escort Accreditation

Re-Accreditation 11th of March 2022 Long-range / Intercontinental Fixed Wing Accreditation
Medical Endorsements:

  • Adult Critical Care

Commercial Airline Medical Escort Accreditation

Re-Accreditation 13th of July 2024 Long-range / Intercontinental Fixed Wing Accreditation
Regional Fixed Wing Accreditation
Medical Endorsements:

  • Adult Critical Care
  • Advanced Adult Critical Care

Commercial Airline Medical Escort Accreditation