North Flying A/S, Air Ambulance Division

Airport IATA: AAL
Airport IACO: EKYT

North Flying A/S , Aalborg Airport
Norresundby 9400

Tel: +45 96322900

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About North Flying A/S, Air Ambulance Division

As one of the leading providers of individual air ambulance in Northern Europe, and with more than 20 years of experience within Air Ambulance flights, North Flying has a considerable and unique know how which we intent to use as the foundation for maintaining and further develop our expertise within the field of Air Ambulance flights.

Our vision is that together with Aalborg University Hospital and Region Nordjylland, we can further extend our present leading competence within this niche area.

We have a highly specialised medical crew consisting in anaesthetists, specialists in aviation medicine and nurses anaesthetists, all of whom have an extended and solid experience with aero-ambulance evacuations. We recruit our medical and paramedical staff within Danish University Hospitals and the Royal Danish Air Force, thus ensuring our close cooperation with these organisations.

North Flying has a 24/7 operation office and own maintenance facilities based at Aalborg Airport (AAL) in Denmark, and operate the fleet of 10 fixed wing aircraft (6  x jets – Cessna Citation II, III, VII and 4 x Turboprop. Fairchild Metroliner23).

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Winston Rose
Winston RoseCEO
Palle Neumann
Palle NeumannChief Medical Director
Jean-Michel Ferrieux
Jean-Michel FerrieuxSenior Flight Surgeon
Jesper Kragelund
Jesper KragelundSales Manager


Cessna650 Citation III & VII
Citation III: OY-JPJ, OY-NLA
Citation VII: OY-CLP

Accreditation History

Accreditation Certificate Valid Until Standard Achieved / Medical Endorsements
Primary Accreditation 29th of November 2019 Long-Range / Intercontinental Fixed Wing
Medical Endorsements

  • Adult Critical Care
Re-Accreditation 28th of November 2023 Long-Range / Intercontinental Fixed Wing
Medical Endorsements:

  • Adult Critical Care
  • Advanced Adult Critical Care
Re-Accreditation 1st of February 2026 Long-Range / Intercontinental Fixed Wing
Regional Fixed Wing Air Ambulance
Medical Endorsements:

  • Critical Care Transports