Sunwest Aeromedical Inc.

Sunwest Aeromedical Inc.
217 Aero Court NE
Calgary Alberta T2E 7C6

Telephone: +1 (403) 275-8121
Toll Free: 1-888-291-4566
Facsimile: +1 (403) 275-5900


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About Sunwest Aeromedical Inc.

Sunwest Aviation Ltd. dba Sunwest Aeromedical is a Canadian Aeromedical Service based in Calgary, Alberta that offers worldwide Air Ambulance and Commercial Escort medical services. For over 40 years they have offered aeromedical services along with a wide range of aviation solutions with a fleet of over thirty aircraft ranging from a King Air 200 to a Gulfstream G50ER. The company is a Transport Canada Approved operator working at airline standards, and holds the ARGUS Platinum, IS-BAO Stage Three, and EURAMI Certification in the category of Adult Critical Care for both Regional and Intercontinental/Long-Range Fixed Wing operations.

Our aeromedical services are provided entirely with an in-house medical and aviation team utilizing six wholly owned, full ICU aircraft including a Challenger 604, (3) Learjet 45, and (2) King Air turboprops. The Challenger 604 is the primary aeromedical aircraft dedicated to global missions, while the Learjet 45 and King Air 350 cover the North American geography. Our in-house medical crews are highly experienced physicians, flight nurses, flight paramedics and respiratory therapists trained to the flight training standards of

Safety is our highest priority for both the patient, the family and the flight crew. Our company has one of the leading Safety Management Systems (SMS) in the world and one of the only operators with a proven fatigue management program to ensure our crews are working at their finest. These risk management tools are also incorporated into our medical program and decisions to push our standards and performance to the top to provide a world class aeromedical service. Our call center is open all day and every day so you can contact us at any time for questions and quotations.

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Brent Gateman
Brent GatemanAeromedical Manager
David Hole
David HoleClinical Care Manager
Dr. Joshua Bezanson
Dr. Joshua Bezanson Chief Medical Officer


BombardierChallenger 604
BombardierLear 45
Beechcraft (King Air)
Beechcraft (King Air) King Air Turbo-prop

Accreditation History

Accreditation Certificate Valid Until Standard Achieved / Medical Endorsements
Primary Accreditation 19th of December 2024

Long-Range / Intercontinental Fixed Wing Air Ambulance
Regional Fixed Wing Air Ambulance

Medical Endorsements:

• Adult Critical Care