The European Aeromedical Institute, EURAMI, is the international organization responsible for the accreditation of air ambulance and other aviation medical activities. Its accredited members represent those providers who meet the highest standards and medical and aviation safety.  The COVID-10 pandemic has presented enormous challenges related to transportation of COIVD and non-COVID patients alike. It has raised many personal safety and public health concerns in the endeavor to help patients have access to the level of medical care they need or to get home for ongoing medical attention. To meet these demands, EURAMI has promulgated best practices by aeromedical providers to protect patients, crew and the broader community.  However, as with so many other segments of the economy, the pandemic has posed major threats to the integrity of the air ambulance and medical escort industry.  This invaluable industry is profoundly affected by the precipitous drop in travel activity even while the global community continues to turn to them for complicated transportation and even heroic medical solutions. It is important to note that there is generally no public or government safety net ensuring the availability of these critical services which are most often provided by private enterprises.  Hence it is key that the vital role of this often-overlooked segment of the healthcare community be recognized for its critical contribution as well the importance of ensuring its robust endurance for the future. Our industry is, as so many others, faced with unprecedent challenges which we will only overcome by working even closer together.

The European Aero-Medical Institute is keen to support its members during these difficult times and each and salutes every one of them for their tireless work and efforts.

The EURAMI Board & Office