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The EURAMI Provider Network

European Aero-Medical Institute (EURAMI) e.V.

The European Aero-Medical Institute audits aero-medical transport providers in Rotary Wing, Fixed Wing Air Ambulance and Commercial Airline Medical Escort and awards accreditation to companies compliant with the EURAMI standards. Companies that have demonstrated excellence in aero-medical operations, safety and quality.

The increasing demand for accreditation by EURAMI is shown by the interest in accreditation and the multiple primary accreditation that EURAMI auditors perform every year. The EURAMI provider pool is a much used reference for clients from all over the world who are looking to choose a safe and reliable provider with a demonstrated thrive to proof of quality by obtaining EURAMI accreditation.

EURAMI accredited providers can be viewed below and can be filtered by Accreditation Category and Medical Endorsements. For further details on the provider and capabilities please click on the logo to access the dedicated EURAMI provider page.

Fixed Wing Air Ambulance

Rotary Wing Air Ambulance

Commercial Airline Medical Escort

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